4 Free Method to Transfer Data from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

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Rachel asked 10 months ago

We may have the needs to get some pictures, videos or musics from PC to iPhone. And talking about transferring files from computer to iPhone, iTunes is the common choice. But it has too many problems and runs slow. And since iOS 13.1/13/12.4/12/11, iTunes is replaced by other applications. So, how to transfer files from computer to iPhone without iTunes? The following is an effective way.
transfer data from pc to iphone


 Method 1. Use Free PanFone Mobile Phone Manager
PanFone Free Mobile Phone Manager is a completely FREE and highly recommended tool to do this transferring work. It supports copying music, movies, photos, apps and other files from PC to iPhone without data-loss. Supports iPhone 11, s7, 8, 9
Click the button to Download Free Mobile Phone Manager:
Win Version

Run PanFone Mobile Manager on PC and then connect iPhone to the computer.
 Transfer Music from PC to iPhone
Tap the “Music” to switch to music panel as following:
transfer music
Click on “Add” button to import music files from PC to iPhone.
transfer music

 Transfer Photo Collections from PC to iPhone
Click on “Photos” to the photo management panel as following:
manage photo
There are 4 options: Import, Export, Delete and Refresh. Click “Import” button to import photos from PC to iPhone.
transfer photos

 Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone
Go to the Videos tab. There are 4 action options are available: Add, Export, Delete, Refresh. Choose Add option to add videos from PC to iPhone
copy videos from PC to iPhone

 Backup and Recover Contacts, Message, Call History from PC to iPhone
Click on “Information” to see following panel:
backup contact
Click on “Backup” button to export your contacts from mobile phone to vCard, CSV and XML file, or to your outlook. Click on “Recover” button to recover contacts from your previous backup.
recover contact

 Method 2: Apply E-mail to Transfer Files
This is always the easiest way to transfer files to iPhone by sending yourself an email. You don’t even have to write a subject, just an address would be enough.
Step 1: Add the files to your email as attachments.
Step 2: Check the mail on your iPhone and you can download the attachments to your device.

 Method 3. Use iCloud Drive
Step 1: Download and install iCloud on computer. Sign in and finish the installation.
Step 2: Upload the file to iCloud drive. Open the files with the App on iPhone.
Note: The iCloud Drive does not technically transfer the files to the device. Users just can read or edit the files with certain Apps on devices The free version of iCloud has a 5 GB limitation.

 Method 4. Copy Files with Other Online Drives
In addition to the iCloud Drive mentioned above, there are many kinds of other cloud drives that can be helpful, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Most of these cloud drives have free trials or free amounts of space, and the limitations for the free versions are usually acceptable, too. So, this could be another good choice for transferring files from computer to iPhone but it will be highly influenced by the network you are using.
Step 1: Upload your files to the cloud drive from the computer.
Step 2: Find the App of this cloud drive or open the site on the iPhone directly.
Step 3: Download files to your mobile devices.

At the end, it is indispensable for you to transfer files from PC to the iPhone whenever you want to copy photos, videos, books, and music, etc., from computer to your iOS device. Without iTunes, you can also transfer them from PC to iPhone through PanFone Mobile Phone Manager, Email, iCloud Drivers, etc. As we recommend, the most convenient and simple method to transfer data from computer to iPhone is through PanFone Mobile Phone Manager due to its powerful function and it is completely free to use.
Win Version

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tiktol answered 10 months ago

Nice sharing. If you want to tansfer Data from iPhone to Computer without iTunes, the easy and safe way using iOS Assistant tool. After linking iPhone to computer via usb cable, it will scan out all data on it, including contacts, text messages, notes, calendars, bookmarks, music, videos, photos, books and apps. Then you can choose data you want to transfer to computer.

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