Free Way to Clear the Photo Cache Of iOS?

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Rachel W asked 1 year ago

With using iPhone/iPad over time, there will be unwanted files and photos from apps, which are stored on your device in the form of cache. It would be, typically temporary in nature, a problem of severely running out of storage on your iPhone/iPad. In this article, we look at how to clean out the photo cache, the junk files on your iPhone and get it to run a bit faster.
What is iPhone Photo Cache? 
iPhone photo cache is a group of cache files which are found in photo stream, photo library or camera roll created by third-party apps. They are located in a folder called “iPod Photo Cache”. When you sync photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, iTunes creates this folder, where it then stores your cache files. 
iTunes uses “iPod” as a legacy name for the folder even if the cache in question is for iPhone and iPad. Photo cache will continue to stay in the cache folder even after you have deleted photos from your iPhone and take space in your device. Deleting the photo cache is an excellent way to free up some space from your iPhone.
How to Free Delete Photo Cache on iPhone?

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