How to Backup iPhone Voicemails to PC

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Caroline White asked 9 months ago

Have you ever encountered the situation when you cannot find a voicemail that contains important information you need? Or have you ever found it difficult to find the very voicemail you need among lots of them? If you have had such experience, it is not too late to start backing up your voicemails on iPhone
Solution 1. Using iTunes to Backup iPhone Voicemails to PC
backup iPhone voicemails via iTunes
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes.
Step 2: Back up all data on your phone, and your voicemail files should be contained within it.
Solution 2. Using PanFone Data Transfer to Backup Voicemails on iPhone
PanFone Data Transfer not only offers features that help its customers to transfer data, but also supports data restore and backup. It can back up over 10 types of data including voicemails.
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