How to Backup or Delete Photo from "Recently Deleted" Folder

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Backup or Delete Photo from "Recently Deleted" Folder
Caroline White asked 6 months ago

Hi, Synciso support, I need to send my iPhone away tomorrow. Now I urgently need to backup all my photos (including the ones in “Recently Deleted” then delete them all. Could you please advise what should I do? — Matin Pliener

If you accidentally deleted a photo off of your iPhone or iPad, it goes into Recently Deleted folder on the Photo App. Hence, it is easily to recover deleted pictures on iPhone by clicking Restore on Recently Deleted album. It is noticeable that images on Recently Deleted album can be erased automatically and permanently after 30 days. Under some occasiations, you need to deleted the photos from “Recently deleted”, no matter for free up more storage on your phone or just for personal pravicy reasons. After that, you may need to pay extra fee for recovering deleted photo from “Recently Deleted”.

How to Backup or Delete Photo from “Recently Deleted” Folder

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