How to Clear WeChat Cache on iPhone

QuestionsCategory: iPhone HardwareHow to Clear WeChat Cache on iPhone
Rachel W asked 4 months ago

So many iPhone users have the question like “why does WeChat take up so much storage space? How to reduce it? which files/folders can you safely delete without losing personal data or breaking the app?”. Surely, like many other communication apps, WeChat can record a lot of private data and leave it lurking on your iPhone without your knowledge, even after your uninstall it from your iPhone. You might try manually deleting your messages or your cache, but that won’t help if someone tries to go through your iPhone using recovery tools.
Another concern is that unfortunately WeChat eats up a huge chunk of our iPhone storage and slows down your iPhone. In fact, at some point, the accumulated cache data on the app becomes even much more than the WeChat app itself, and may be as much as several Gbs.
So, it is important you clear the WeChat Cache on your iPhone regularly to free up space or protect privacy.
How to clear WeChat cache on iPhone?

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