How to Download Netflix Movies on An iPad to Watch Offline

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Download Netflix Movies on An iPad to Watch Offline
Caroline White asked 10 months ago

Can’t stay away from Netflix? Downloading Netflix videos to your iPad for offline viewing is a great solution if you’re planning on being out of data or wi-fi service for a while. This tutorial will show you how to watch Netflix movies or TV shows on the go by downloading them to iPad.
Part 1: How to Download Netflix Videos with FlixiCam
n order to download Netflix videos on your iPad for playing offline, a professional Netflix video downloader – FlixiCam is highly recommended. It is a powerful and fast streaming video downloader for users to download Netflix movies and TV shows with HD quality.
Part 2: How to Transfer Downloaded Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Your iPad
Our Free Mobile Phone Manager is such a handy tool for you to transfer downloaded Netflix videos and other files from your PC to the iPad effortlessly. Besides, it gives you ability to manage data such as videos, music, photos, contacts, podcast, audiobooks and more on your iPad.

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