How to download Spotify music to iPod touch for offline listening

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to download Spotify music to iPod touch for offline listening
Caroline White asked 3 weeks ago

Who still use iPod touch in the age of iPhone or various Android flagship handsets? But, quite unexpectedly, Apple announced the 7th iPod touch in 2019. Then a question occurred to our mind that “do we still need an iPod and it still makes sence in our life?” Actually, it still makes sences, for example, the parents can purchase an iPod touch for their kids for playing games and watching videos without connection option, or if you are one of the adults who do not want to be obsessed with social media and just want better focuses your attention on music, books and more, the iPod touch is still a solid and significative.

If you have an iPod touch that you use it in your car or in the gym to listen to your music, you may wonder that it is possible to download songs from Spotify or some other music sources to iPod on which you would not have an internet connection? How would you do this? We hereby focus on the 2 helpful ways to download Spotify music to iPod touch, and the details as below.

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