How to Extract iPhone Calendar to Computer?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to Extract iPhone Calendar to Computer?
Cheryl Tse asked 5 months ago

All of us are ordinary people with busy life. Most of the time we have mountains of work or even trifles before us. To avoid our life turn to be topsy-turvy, we use iPhone calendar frequently. It can help us keep appointments with our client, tutor, dentist or someone else and memorize important anniversary. And if you lose these important data, don’t be discouraged, you can recover and extract them to your computer.
You might be thinking that what if I only want to recover parts of the calendar, but I only know two common ways: from iTunes backup or iCloud backup, which will replace my current data. You should know that it doesn’t mean your calendar can’t be extracted successfully. Let’s read this article to find ultimate solution to extract iPhone calendar to computer.

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