How to Manage/Edit/Create/Delete iTunes Playlists

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Caroline White asked 2 years ago

The iTunes Music Library can quickly become huge. Each Library can contain thousands upon thousands of songs: If your Library grows anywhere near that large, finding all the songs in your lifelong collection of Paul Simon albums is not a fun task. Furthermore, with the Library, you’re stuck playing songs in the order that iTunes lists them.To help you organize your music into groups, use the iTunes playlist feature. A playlist is a collection of some of your favorite songs from the Library. You can create as many playlists as you want, and each playlist can contain any number of songs. Whereas the Library lists all available songs, a playlist displays only the songs that you add to it. Further, any changes that you make to a playlist affect only that playlist, leaving the Library intact. This article introduces the best solution for the users to edit iPhone playlist with iTunes, and it will bring benefit to your daily music life. Check it out.Simple Steps to Manage/Edit/Create/Delete iTunes Playlists

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