How to Play Apple Music on iPhone and MP3 Player

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Play Apple Music on iPhone and MP3 Player
Amy Zhang asked 4 months ago

I know how difficult it could be to move Apple Music to other devices that are not running of Apple system. Due to music protection, you can’t move any songs from Apple Music to somewhere else theoretically. In order to maintain the beneficial of Apple Music and protect the copyright of music, Apple Music will not allowed to play on iDevices which are without network permission like iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, etc… And of course, playing Apple Music on MP3 Player is unreachable.
This could be mission impossible previously, till we met this brilliant Apple Music Converter which can make this happen! In following passage, we will demonstrate you the step-by-step tutorial on transferring Apple Music to MP3 Player. TuneCable will convert Apple Music files to MP3 format then import to MP3 Player. By doing all these instruction, you can play Apple Music on MP3 Player.
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