How to Print WhatsApp Messages as Evidence for Legal Matters

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How to Print WhatsApp Messages as Evidence for Legal Matters
Nowadays, instant messages made conversations and deals manageable and efficient. The use of WhatsApp is safe from scrutiny as the primary communication tool. The issue of WhatsApp can be used as evidence in court has recently arisen, instigating businesses to consider archiving WhatsApp conversations of their employees in case they get involved in a workplace lawsuit. The general principle is that WhatsApp messages can be admissible as evidence. A record of these chats/messages is called in legal parlance an ‘electronic record’. This electronic record may be required to be used in legal cases as evidence. And you might have some WhatsApp chats to print out and keep on paper, and use this either as evidence in court, or simply in your personal archive.
To help out, we detail below ways to print a record of WhatsApp messages into paper. And you can as well learn how to make a copy of the WhatsApp attachment like video, photos, voice memos in need.
print WhatsApp chats as evidence in court for legal matters

Part 1: Print WhatsApp Messages and Attachment from iPhone/iPad
If you want to print WhatsApp chats on your iPhone or iPad, then Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer can make it. With it, you can export the WhatsApp chats in a HTML and then print them out for use. Syncios WhatsApp Transfer have all features that you need for a print, like management, backup, restore and transfer. Below are the main features of Syncios WhatsApp Tranfer owns.

print WhatsApp messages in court for legal matters

  • Backup WhatsApp messages and attachment on iPhone/iPad to computer.
  • Restore WhatsApp backup files to iPhone and iPad at ease.
  • Restore WhatsApp messages from iTunes to iPhone/iPad.
  • Export WhatsApp to CSV or HTML files for printing usage.
  • Export WhatsApp photos, videos, audios, and contacts in 1 click.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 14.

Win Version

Step 1Download and install Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer on your computer and launch it after installation completed.
Step 2Come to the homepage, you can see 3 modes provided to manage and transfer WhatsApp. They are respectively Backup WhatsApp (Export WhatsApp to Computer), Restore WhatsApp from Local Backup and Restore WhatsApp from iTunes Backup. Here we are aimed to directly export the WhatsApp for a print, so pick up the first mode.
export whatsapp on iphone for a print
Step 3Connect your iPhone to computer when Syncios Transfer will start to make a WhatsApp backup to a temp path on computer as long as your iPhone is successfully detected.
export whatsapp on iphone for a print
Step 4Tap on the contact to preview the conversation accordingly. And to export the WhatsApp chats for a print, you can individually click on the box in front of the chats and tap on Recover to Computer.
export whatsapp on iphone for a print
Step 5It will pop up a window to ask for document format to export and where you want to export the data to. Choose HTML option and then create a local path to store the WhatsApp as it instructed. Finally tap the Recovery button to proceed.
export whatsapp on iphone for a print
Step 6Now you can open your iPhone WhatsApp with any computer local application. Open the WhatsApp HTML document with a Google Chrome desktop and then you can view them as you view on your iPhone.
Make sure you have connected your computer to a printer. And then tap the menu options inside Chrome where offers a Print function to print the current files. (Or you can press the Ctrl+P key to initiate a Print function.) Then you will get a paper copy of the iPhone WhatsApp for legal matters or business receipt.
export whatsapp on iphone for a print
NoteLast but not least, Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer allows you to export WhatsApp attachment like the photos, video, voice memos to your computer. You can easily export them to computer and then make a copy as the trial evidence at any time.

Part 2: Print WhatsApp Messages and Attachment from iTunes Backup
There have some drawbacks if couples or boyfriend and girlfriend sharing one Apple ID, especially when they are part on a legal dispute like divorce or cheating. Assume you are on the path to divorce and need to provide your WhatsApp history as evidence in court while you have lost your iPhone, how do you get and print the WhatsApp as evidence and claim what you deserve? Actually, you can still find the WhatsApp record back with iTunes!
As we have introduced in previous, Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer lets users to access to their iTunes and restore the data to phone at ease. Make sure you have installed iTunes on computer and log into the iTunes. But you don’t have to initiate it when working on Syncios WhatsApp Transfer. So the same, to print out the WhatsApp chats from iTunes backup, see the steps to get it.
Win Version
Step 1Launch Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer and choose the Restore WhatsApp from iTunes Backup module.
Step 2Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer will read and provide options if your iTunes backup is located in the default folder, then tap the one that you want to restore from. And hit to Browse to preview in details.
restore WhatsApp from iTunes Backup to print for legal matters
Step 3Again, you can freely preview WhatsApp Messages and WhatsApp Attachment. Go to the WhatsApp Messages tab and choose the chats that you need. Or navigate to the WhatsApp Attachment tab, you can one-click restore the WhatsApp videos, memos and photos to computer and print them in necessity. After the selection, click the Recovery to Computer to move on.
Step 4Tap on the Recovery button and then choose to export WhatsApp document as HTML files. And if you want one more copy of CSV file, then tick off the CSV option, too.
restore WhatsApp from iTunes Backup to print for legal matters

Summary: Whatever you are to provide some records of WhatsApp messages/chats in court, or extract WhatsApp attachment from iPhone for legal matters as well as save WhatsApp history for a backup purpose, Free Syncios WhatsApp Transfer always stands by for your need. And let us know if you encounter puzzle when you export or print your WhatsApp messages. We are very glad to help you out.

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