How to Recover Deleted Calendar Events on iPad without Backup

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Recover Deleted Calendar Events on iPad without Backup
Rachel asked 1 year ago

Recover Lost Calendar on iPad without backup

The Calendar app on iOS device is a great tool we can use to manage important events and appointments. However we may lost the events and appointments in the Calendar app due to unexpected reasons. For example, in Apple’s forum, we can usually see following question: 
“I just have really important meetings in my calendar events and now for some reason they were deleted by accident. What’s worse, I haven’t synced my calendar, so there is no chance to restore calendar from backup. Anyone else experience this and know how to recover deleted calendar events. I don’t mind if my past events are being deleted, but I just want to recover the future events that have been deleted.”
Is it possible to recover deleted Calendars and events from iPad or iPod touch? You may think about iTunes or iCloud. It is true you can restore iPhone iPad iPod from iTunes backup or iCloud backup. But they are difficult to use and may cause unexpected data loss. And if your Calendars and events have not been backed up before, you will not be able to retrieve them from iTunes or iCloud. So is it still possible to recover lost Calendars from iPhone iPad when there is no backup?
In this guide, we have demonstrated how you can retrieve deleted Calendars and events from iPad without backups. Check out details here.

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