How to Recover Deleted Video From iPhone

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Rachel W asked 5 months ago

Have you lost your important videos from your iPhone and looking how to recover them or accidentally deleted the videos from iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus/7/6 and still wondering how to get them back? or how to recover the videos once wiped away from iPhone? 
As the above questions show, the experience of accidentally deleted video is not rare to iPhone user. Now, there comes a few of solutions for us of how to recover permanently deleted videos from iPhone.
Do the deleted videos be recovered from iPhone?
Whenever you delete your data from phone, immediately they are not removed but they move to Recently Deleted album where all the lost items are stored for some days. The deleted videos stay for sometime and they get permanently deleted from iPhone after few days. So its better to check once the Recently Deleted album and if possible then restore them from there.
How the deleted videos can be recovered from iPhone?
Three solutions to recover deleted videos on iPhone

  • Solution 2: Directly scan and recover deleted videos from iPhone
  • Solution 3: Scan and extract iTunes backup to recover videos for iPhone


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