How to Recover Lost Message on iPad

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Rachel W asked 5 months ago

Communicating with other people via Messages app becomes a common way nowadays, surly for Apple iOS device users. The iPad isn’t just for watching Netflix, browsing the web, gaming or taking wonderful photos, it’s also widely used for message communication. They can use a service called iMessages over Wi-Fi to chat with friends and family. If you are a user of iPad Pro or iPad Air/mini, you are likely to send messages to have conversations with your friends all the time.

Recover Lost Message on iPad

But we may lose these message data for some reasons, such as mistaken deletion, iPad factory settings restore, iOS update, etc. No matter how we lose our messages, we would like to try everything to get them back. However, can we retrieve deleted text messages from iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad mini? The answer is yes. Here are 4 methods to get back deleted iMessages with or without backup. Follow the guide to know how to retrieve text messages on an iPad.

  • Method 2: Find Deleted Messages on Other Multiple Devices
  • Method 3: Restore Deleted or Messages from iTunes Backup
  • Method 4: Restore Deleted or Messages from iCloud Backup


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