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Caroline White asked 1 year ago

When we open an APP and close it, there will be some junk/temp file left. This is one reason to cause the slow down of our iPhone. More and more of us recognize it. So how to speed up and refresh our iPhone? Here are some methods.
Method One: Restart/Power off your iPhone.
When you restart your iPhone, the Random Access Memory (RAM) is cleared instantly. Obviously, you would not like to restart your iPhone so frequently in the quest to speed it up and fix those memory problems.
Method Two: To do this on iPhone or iPad:

  • – Open the Settings App.
  • – Tap General.
  • – Select Background App Refresh. To turn it off completely, toggle off Background App Refresh.

This method will not clean all the temp files completely esp for junk files.
Method Three: Use Helpful Tools
We also can search for some tool to help us to do this more convenience. Use other software to delete the temp files and speed up iPhone. There are so many softwares. Here we take PanFone as an example, which provides a one-click solution for you to fresh your iPhone and it offers a FREE version.

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