How to Restore Deleted iPad Safari Bookmarks from iTunes/iCloud

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Restore Deleted iPad Safari Bookmarks from iTunes/iCloud
Rachel W asked 1 month ago

If you loves to surf the internet on iPad, you will have many web address need to be saved on iPad. With the bookmark function of Safari, it’s easy to record every web address you are interested in. And bookmarks can help us to hold loads of web addresses. But what can we do if we lose or accidentally delete the saved bookmarks? Are you suffering from accidentally deleting all your saved safari bookmarks? Or worse, did the kids play on your tablet and unintentionally erased your data? What a disaster it is.
Is there a way to find the deleted bookmarks back?
If you have not backed up them, you can also get the bookmarks back by following this guide: How to Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks from iPad directly.
If you have backed up your iPad, you can find back the bookmarks from the backup of iTuns or iCloud with the help of a recovery tool. The tool is PanFone Data Recovery
PanFone Data Recovery is one of the reliable and most trusted iOS data recovery tool that allows you to recover permanently deleted data from your iDevice, iTunes backup and iCloud backup and it provides 3 recovery modes to retrieve data.
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