How to Set Amazon Music as Ringtone on iPhone 11

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By downloading Amazon Music into local files on your iPhone 11 , you can be accessible to your songs, albums and playlists in absence of an Internet connection. Far more, you can set the songs as ringtone as you please. This article is especially useful for Amazon Music Prime user. In fact, songs you downloaded from Amazon Music on iPhone can be played only in the Amazon Music app on that device. They won’t support to play in the native media player on the iPhone, and they can’t be transfrred to other devices. So before you want to treat Amazon tracks as ringtone, you have to try to download and extract the songs as local file. That’s when you can be really easy to personalize them as ringtone on iPhone 11.
So here in this artilcle, we show you how to firstly localize Amazon Music on PC and then set the converted Amazon Music as ringtones on iPhone 11. We would need a professional audio converter called TuneCable iMazon Recorder to complete the first part. By the secord section, you just use a free Syncios Manager tool to customize your favorite ringtone on iPhone 11.
set Amazon Music as ringtone

How to Set Amazon Music as Ringtone on iPhone 11?

TuneCable iMazon Recorder is capable of converting songs on Amazon Music platform to an oft-format especially for audio like MP3 and AAC. It helps to decode the audio limits set by the stream service, making Amazon songs possible to play on all music players. So easy that you just customize output format in the settings, add your Amazon Music to TuneCable and finally click “Convert” button to localize Amazon Music on computer. With this tool, you can transfer your Amazon music to any music player supported at any time, anywhere.

What’s TuneCable iMazon Recorder ?

Key Features of TuneCable iMazon Recorder:

  • Download Songs from Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music;
  • Convert Amazon songs, albums and playlists to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC;
  • Record songs at 10X faster speed with 100% lossless quality;
  • Keep ID3 tags after conversion;
  • No need to install the Amazon Music app;
  • Enjoy free update & technical support.

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Part 1: Convert Amazon music as MP3 on PC
Individual steps on converting Amazon Music to local files are listed, pick up them effortlessly:
Step 1:Run the converter and firstly sign in Amazon Music Unlimited account
Simply download and install TuneCable iMazon Recorder on your PC. Both Windows and Mac version are provided above. Then run into the Amazon website homepage following the on-screen guidance, where you ought to sign in your Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime account as instructed by TuneCable.
Add files
Step 2: Customize Output Format Settings
On the homepage, click the “Settings” button on the top right corner, where you can choose the output format – MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC, decide what kind of output quality, create output path on PC and etc. Before your real start, you can re-organize the music files by Album, Artist, Album/Artist or Artist/Album.
Format setting
Step 3: Put Amazon Music to TuneCable
Unfold one of your Amazon playlists, artists or albums, click the “Add” button on the bottom right corner and then select the songs that you’d like to convert. If you’d like to choose all the songs in that playlist for converting, simply tick the first box in front of “Title” option. If not, just uncheck it one at a time.
Add files
Step 4:Convert Amazon Music as local files on Computer
Next, please click on“Convert” button to start the conversion and soon they’ll be all recorded as the output format you chose in advance and saved to your local computer.
Notice: The free trial version only enables you to convert the first 3 minutes of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock this limitation.
Part 2: Customize Amazon songs as Ringtone
Free of charge even your subscription expires, you can still listen to Amazon music as usual. Now we step into setting Amazon music as ringtones on iPhone 11. If you have learnt about Syncios Manager, you should know how wonderful its iPhone Ringtone Maker feature is. Let’s see how Syncios Manager make it.

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Step 1:Download Syncios Android Manager on your Windows or Mac. Or you just directly download by the links provided above. Then connect your fresh iPhone 11/11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max into Syncios Manager.
set Amazon Music as iPhone 11 ringtone
Step 2:

  1. Run Syncios Manager into Toolkit management on the top panel (Windows Version).
  2. Further, you start by launching the Ringtone Maker function.
  3. Guide to the path where you save the converted Amazon songs and choose one of them as ringtone source.
  4. By dragging the time track, you can custimize your favorite music track as ringtone. Finally choose to save and import it to your iPhone 11.

set Amazon Music as iPhone 11 ringtone

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