How to Sync iPhone 5/6/7/8/X to iPhone XR

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Sync iPhone 5/6/7/8/X to iPhone XR
Caroline White asked 7 months ago

Every time the release of the iPhone new generation will attract millions of Apple fans, and even Android fans, around the world. And each newest iPhone also brings users numerous amazing and shiny new features and functions, to make it well worth for your upgrading from old devices.
When you get your shiny new iPhone XR, you will have the same questions as the other of millions of new iPhone users, like “how can I switch to a new iPhone?” Or, “how do I transfer all my data and information from my old iPhone to my new iPhone?” There are generally three ways to do it, either with iTunes, iCloud, or third-party iPhone data transfer software like¬†Syncios Data Transfer. In this tutorial, we introduce 3 different ways to transfer data, choose the one you prefer to help you copy files from your old iPhone to your new iPhone XR easily.
3 Ways to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone XR

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