How to Transfer Data from iPhone 11 to Mac for Free?

QuestionsCategory: iPhone SoftwareHow to Transfer Data from iPhone 11 to Mac for Free?
Cheryl Xie asked 9 months ago

Syncios Manager Mac enables us to transfer music, ringtones, audio book, live photo, videos, apps and others between an iOS device and a Mac. And your HEIC pictures will be automatically exported as JPG format. What’s more, Syncios can help you manage personal information in a quick and safe way, including messages, contacts, call logs and some files on your phone.For example, to transfer iPhone 11 videos to Mac, go to Videos module. You can find four options Movies, Home Videos, Music Videos and TV shows on the left panel under your iPhone device icon. If we’re going to transfer movies from iPhone 11 to Mac. Tap ‘Movies’ option, then check certain movies that you want to transfer. Now tap ‘Export’ option. Choose the save path and click ‘Open’ option to begin the process.And picture tutorial here.

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