How To Transfer iPhone Photos to Huawei Mate 30

QuestionsHow To Transfer iPhone Photos to Huawei Mate 30
Rachel asked 11 months ago

Surly when you got the latest Huawei Mate 30, it is so excited. And you surely have an urge to switch to this new device. If you are an owner of iPhone making a switch to an Android device, it might take a little effort to transfer all your valuable data especial photos. The copy tool provided by Huawei is not the same friendly to iPhone as to Android: Shahnoor Rahman, October 2, 2019 “The Phone Clone Doesn’t connect between iPhone to android. Waste of time!!”
So if you are looking for a fast and safe way to transfer files from your iPhone to a Huawei Mate 30, consider following method. In this article, we will give an effective and safe solution on how to transfer iPhone photos to Huawei Mate 30.
Transfer iPhone Photos to Huawei Mate 30
Effective way to transfer all photos from iPhone to Huawei Mate 30
The fast way is to transfer photo from phone to phone directly. And we need the assistant of PanFone Data Transfer.
Step 1Download and install PanFone Mobile Data Transfer
Win Version
Mac Version

Please click the above button to download and install proper version.
Step 2Launch PanFone Data Transfer and connect phones to computer.
Please connect both your iPhones and Huawei Mate 30 with your computer via USB cables. In the main interface, select Phone to Phone Transfer mode. In case any prompt appears on your phones, you’d better keep your phone unlocked.
connect two mobile phones
In the connecting pane, this transfer tool will detect your two phones automatically. You will then see them displayed on the starting window with your current iPhone in the “Source” and Mate 30 in the “Target” position. You can click Flip button in the middle to change the position of two connected phones. Click “Next”.
Step 3Select photos to be transferred from iPhone to Mate 30
In this panel, all contents can be transferred are listed. Mark photos and camera rolls and then click “Next” button to start the transfer process. Please do not disconnect neither phone in the transferring.
select data to transform
After a while, all selected photos would be copied from iPhone to Mate 30 successfully. Please take note that if there are massive data on your iPhone, it might take a little bit long to when loading and transferring data, it’s normal, please be patient.
Tips: Your original photos on Mate 30 will not be overwritten. PanFone will skip duplicated files automatically.
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