How toTransfer Music Between iPhone and Computer without iTunes

QuestionsCategory: iPhone HardwareHow toTransfer Music Between iPhone and Computer without iTunes
Caroline White asked 3 weeks ago

Apple has launched the noise-canceling AirPods Pro which delivers effortless and all-day music on the go combined with your iPhone or Apple Watch. And you probably downloaded music through the streaming music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon Music. But beyond that, you also have a large music collection (extracted from CD or downloaded from other music sources) on your computer and want to listen to them on your iPhone. Under the circumstances, you need to know how to transfer your music collection from the computer to iPhone.
On the other way around, to prevent data loss due to the problem of phone broken or software crashes, in addition, to enable iCloud backup, you can also transfer music files from your iPhone to a computer for taking backups of your favorite music.

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