Is 64 GB iPhone SE enough? How to Save Storage Space of it?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIs 64 GB iPhone SE enough? How to Save Storage Space of it?
Cheryl Tse asked 4 months ago

In modern life, we can hardly be accustomed to the life without our electronic products. In that way, with time flied, our smart phones have more and more important information and files, which will occupy storage space of our iPhone gradually. Most of the currently-released phones make progress in their basic storages, while Apple still set 64GB as the internal storage of iPhone SE 2020, which is not expandable.Is 64GB iPhone enough in nowadays? What if I’m using a 64GB iPhone SE, can I effectively save space on it? Read this article to learn how to free up iPhone SE space.Overall article here: 1. Backup: Move Important iPhone SE Pictures to Computer SelectivelyMethod 2. Uninstall: Uninstall Some Unused Apps on iPhone SE 2020Method 3. Clean-up: Delete all iPhone SE Junk Files/Temp Files/Cache in One ClickMethod 4. Clean-up: Erase iPhone SE Private Information on 3rd-Party Apps

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Cheryl Tse answered 4 months ago
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