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Caroline White asked 6 months ago

Everyone knows how easy it is to get music onto an iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the help of iTunes, but have you ever tried to get music off an iPod or iPhone and onto a new computer? As it turns out, transferring music from an iOS device and to a new or different computer or back to iTunes isn’t a feature that is supported in iTunes.
Nonetheless it’s easy to do on your own. The Syncios iPhone Music Transfer is just for you. The Music Transfer Tool is a smart tool for transferring music from your iPhone to computer and iTunes. It’s the ideal iPhone manager to backup music and video to PC/iTunes.
The iPhone Music Transfer tool now supports the latest iOS 12 new feature. Import and export your computer files to your iPhone for viewing and playing, you can also deal with your files via the latest iTunes. Besides the music, video and file synchronization, you can even treat your iPhone as a portable hard disk when Syncios iPhone Transfer software is installed. We’ll walk you through exactly how to transfer all your music from iPhone to a computer below. Just simply download and have a try the free Syncios iPhone Music Transfer.
iPhone Music Transfer to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer/iTunes

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